How Charities use Social Media

Social media is a more effective plan for Community services and charities that want to connect with organisations and supporters.

I am working with two Community services as Volunteer; one is working for Children Support and second for Women Support Center.  Both Charities use social media source like Facebook, Twitter and blogs for reach their supporters, sharing their stories and donations. Some Volunteers write down their experience on Facebook to share with other people.

Community Services and Charities always need support form Society, Government, Organisations and also need to find new ways to reach their different group of supporters and volunteers. Social media is one of the most fastest and effective ways for charities to get more supporters, increase donations, share their success stories and encourage people to sign up to campaigns and recruit volunteers.

When setting  up your social media  strategy think carefully about what you want to accomplish and who you want to connect with then choose your right mediums based on who you want to reach. For example Linkedln is professional tool and Facebook for younger listeners. Organize  yourself that you will need to stay active and regularly update the information.


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